What is WordPress ? Explain Type,Benfits


What Is WordPress

Many beginners who want to start making a plan to build a website, Blog , Business portfolio, etc. First, take full knowledge about what is WordPress and how it works.WordPress is an open-source to build websites. WordPress online creating tools to create Blogs, Websites, and CMS (Content Mangement System ).


WordPress is a very powerful tool and popular to create a website or blog. In all world WordPress users around 60 % use, it due to is simple and easy to use by anyone who doesn’t know about the coding or technical features.

Types of WordPress

WordPress has an open-source and using word wide for this way it depending on server bases so that way for WordPress company to create two type of WordPress tools to distribute the workload both.



WordPress.org is self-hosted. It is a totally free open-source WordPress download that you can install just one click on your web host. When creating a website in wordpress.org is full command on your own.



WordPress.com is a paid hosted or service. It install download software in wordpress.org .WordPress.com is not flexible other hand wordPress.org is easy and simple so make it flexible.

Self-hosted WordPress always in demanding by the user it is more uses rather then wordpress.org due to when the start website knows one spent in paid service.

What type of websites make with WordPress

WordPress is a primary tool for making website. For old time website is made with a code system it using only by that person who knows about the code but now time WordPress is gives a path for making website cross the code system.WordPress is easy and simple so in this software make any type of website which you want to make. See the lists what type websites make or build with using WordPress.

  • Portfolio
  • Business
  • Blog
  • E-Commerce store
  • Social Site
  • Forums Site
  • Membership Site
  • News /Advertisement Agency

Who can use WordPress

WordPress is used by a small business firm, Individual Person, News Agency or Big Business enterprises.No bounding for use of WordPress due to it was an open-source software so every one installs own web host and makes their own website. India Digital Mart also uses WordPress.We show some more examples who use WordPress.


The Official website is using WordPress CodeinWP.



Digital Marketing offer course website which use WordPress and makes a beautiful website is wpapprentic .



This website create in WordPress it gives a hosting plan offer of their client and its users ithemes.com .


Why choose WordPress

A question is to create why you choose a WordPress platform for making websites. Nowadays 60 % of users are using WordPress path for their own website that is the reason very popular worldwide. Many of reson for choosing WordPress for the website.

Free and Open-Source

In the world, wide internet users in billions of numbers but all users do not have to spend any cost of making a website. So it is the Biggest benefit that is WordPress is free and open-source software everyone can use. WordPress gives a free plugin, high-quality theme template for making beautiful websites.

WordPress is Extensible

Most of the user is away form coding knowledge so WordPress provides the best tools in which easily modified without any hassle.

Easy To Install

Whenever making a website every mind is asking the question of how to install it don’t know about any coding experience or developer techniques. All this question mark with WordPress because WordPress is easy to install just clicks a few buttons.

Easy Find Supporting Help and Query

Generally for beginner when start using WordPress face some problem regarding technical or another general query. WordPress is using a very big area so that reason most website users find the question regarding WordPress problem if the question is raised some website developer is given the answer in blogs or articles. Or find some help in other paths like

  • Facebook Page /Groups
  • Blogs
  • Tutorial (Youtube, Social Media )
  • Developer Website
  • WordPress Supporting Tools


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