Best SEO Tips for Beginners 2020 and Common SEO Mistakes


You want to Know about the SEO you are on the right page. We are given some information SEO which is are very important for a beginner, sometimes too many strategies are not good ideas for beginners who struggle with blogging SEO. A few tips we show you for beginners who want to learn SEO.

Mobile Friendly

When just start blogging mobile-friendly is important to factor for SEO. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly for its users such as a smartphone. Due to a high number of users are accessing the internet on mobile for browsing. So get the target to Mobile-Friendly audience. Make SEO Strategy should focus on Mobile phones as well as Tablets.

Find Out How Users Search

You have to find better performance keywords on your site. Test great perform keyword testing, SEO can better understand what search is on trends. You learn with free tools to make a list of keywords to focus your website on this phrase. When you understand that visitors are which keywords search engines you can optimize your site.

High-Quality Content

Most of the websites not get ranked one of the reasons the written content is not relevant human element. You well understand that if the content is not interesting and engaging what effect for your website ranking. In this way, your goal should be to create a list of keywords that can keep your content relevant and engaging at the same time. High-quality content is getting a lot of searching for traffic.

Analyze your Search Traffic

To analysis, your existing traffic to find which page you’re is moving high page view category and then make a list for keywords used by your website visitors. This way you have to note down the common things between too rank web pages. On you have learned the length of article, content quality using by your side and get optimization page.

Stay Tuned to the Latest Updates

It means for need the best SEO technique to keep an eye on the latest trending topic which in highest searching keywords day/weak and follow them. Now understanding the algorithm update is also important. The latest update gives a way to write about the content about this due to high searching and trend keywords.

Using keywords and titles to rank higher on Google

Keywords are most important for SEO in Google search. Inside these phrases your blog /article titles, making its interesting. You make your strategy that your post and title around the same keywords.

Length of Post /Article

The longer length of the post is surety to get in ranked in google due to use more keywords in your post. Minimum a good length post is 1500 words article than 500 words article. For example, in 500 words post your keyword is used 30 times it and in 1500 words post 60 times used so you better understand which one gets rank for use high number of the keyword using.

Make sure your article longer only, it will be better and more informative.

Use internal links

Put in all post you’re any other post links. If visitors get interesting your one blog they want to found another blog for understanding its relevance for its or not. Identify your best ranking post in all of them and put a link, this is a good method to pay attention to Google search engines.

Bounce rates

The bounce rate measures how many people spent your site without going to a new search. If the Bounce rate is too high that means your keywords not work and required high-quality content or interesting topic for relevant traffic. Fix the keywords and titles on your posts.

Loading speed

Every website those searches on the first page of Google search means loading speed website to high. How to fix your site load is more important in search rank in Google. Using some tools and plug-in for measure loading speed on your site, if any issue you have to fix it. For increase loading speed on your website used less JS ,CSS file, no additional file added if you don’t have any uses.

Loading speed website

Most Common SEO Mistakes Avoid It.

Now SEO techniques are changing with time but SEO still very important for better ranking for any website. But while optimizing your site you should know that you are not a person do some common mistakes for good SEO. Below the read some common SEO mistakes which are most people make

Choosing Wrong Keywords

You may sure that the website article is relevant to be keywords. Content is down to getting your site ranked for specific keywords. Don’t ignore for this mistake choose the right keywords for your website Before you get started first you do research your side for specific keywords. Another hand few useful tools are available for helping searching keywords on your websites like Moz, SEMrush, Google Trends, and Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Choose the wrong keyword is reducing the website ranking in Google search.

Stuffing Keywords

Choosing keywords is a great factor that affects your website rank but you put keywords excessively is SEO common mistake. Using the same keywords is too many times in a piece of content that is spamming in Google search. Stuffing keywords is another common mistake so avoid it.

Creating Irrelevant Content

google search

Irrelevant content is a common mistake. Google search engines are allowed to serve those pages online that contain relevant keywords and content. When you using keywords which are higher searching but in the content show not relevant content so if people are land in your site using keywords but don’t find according to content your website won’t get ranked.

Publishing Unoriginal Content

This is the big mistake that bloggers have used some copied content on posts. You should have to publish original content on your blog post. It’s not good ideas to use copy content from another site and use it on your website. Duplicate content is harmful to your website ranked and Google crawler can’t be index this post content of SEO optimization. If you can’t write original articles or high quality you can hire a freelancer online available on Fiver, Freelance Etc.

alt text imgae

Missing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions and title tags are very important under SEO. Ignoring this SEO will bed effect on your website ranking. Don’t forget to add tags on the image which is used in your posts. because the searching engine can be read or bots image this software is read text on images only. So you should include alt tags to helps search engines know what your image telling.

Getting Low-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for SEO every content marketers understand this. However, they make the mistake of getting low quality backlinks like spamming backlinks may issue the decrease in the page authority websites. So get backlink form that site that has good ranking and reputation

Using too many Internal Links

Internal links are better for Google ranking but it’s harmful if you used too many internal links in posts. Internal links in the post if relevant then it will make sure getting ranked post but too many irrelevant internal links down the Google ranking.


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