FASTags is Mandatory in India in December 2019


India’s Government is to promote the digital payment to an increasing number of people through this way National Highways Authority is declared as FASTag Lane from 1 December 2019. This line has hybrid both sideline is working. It is mandatory to pay online for FASTags from 1 December 2019. This trial already starts on 1 November and the results are good. These are the reason FASTags is using by every vehicle is compulsory.


What is FASTag?

FASTag is a national electronic toll collection program or service. This tag is linked with your bank account saving or current you added funded directly to in FASTag account.FASTag is using the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) system which enables the auto to deduct toll charges at National Highway Authority India (NHAI) toll plazas in all India no specified place for this card work. It works all over India with any facing problem.

How to use FASTag

FASTag is like a Card that you need to link your bank account to have to recharge it as per usage for a prepaid card, just like a prepaid Mobile Phone number recharge by own for its users this is also working as same. After your tag account gets activate you can fix FASTag in your vehicle windscreen. Front of FASTag Card is scanning by NHAI toll plazas system RFID so direct pay in your card toll tax without any delay or to stop to pay.

How to get FASTag

You can get the FASTag for your vehicle form any toll plaza or any private agencies that authorized for issue FASTag Card. These facilities are available across the states. On the other hand, you can also purchase from any NETC (National Electronic Toll Collection) member bank and get registered by yourself. You should take the original registration certificate of your vehicle (RC), a passport size photograph, address proof (Adhaar Card, Ration Card, Voter Id ) along with a copy of your KYC document and your vehicle at the Point of sale (POS.) The purchase online segment is also available by visiting the website of Amazon, Paytm payment bank, SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, etc. These are recharge through net banking, Google Pay, Paytm or other UPI banking apps.

Benefits of FASTag

The first main benefit of using FASTag is that there is no need to stop on toll plaza this is ensured by NHAI. No need to take cash in your hand some time don’t have open money so this matter takes too long time to pass toll plaza and traffic is increasing in a minute. Paper uses is also reduce on toll plazas if FASTag is used by peoples. After fast crossing by vehicle is to ensure less traffic problems they will reduce the pollution problem which is created by the traffic side of vehicles. This time when the government is announced for FASTag is Mandatory every vehicle so get 2.5 percent cashback and other offers also available for FASTag users.

Charges for FASTags

The charges of making a FASTags is depended upon types of vehicles like a heavy vehicle, commercial vehicle, cards, jeep, etc. Basic charges for one time joining are Rs 200/-. Is a Security deposited and refunds depend on the type of vehicle show for when you issue against them.

Why is it Important to purchase it.

For before time is no more important role play by FASTags. Many people are using for own convenience like no availability of cash or waiting time on Toll Plaza for toll tax. When the government is announced that FASTags in mandatory for all vehicles from 1 December 2019 it’s important to increase due to if not using the FASTags method for toll payment they are paying the double cost.

Need to know about the doubt for FASTags.

FASTags is specific only one vehicle means one vehicle FASTags only using by same vehicle non-use by other vehicle and it cannot be transferred to one vehicle to another. If you lose the FASTags you can call to customer care number and block your FASTag.After the block, you have to revise notification through on SMS for your registration number for confirmation your card is blocked now.Then you go on issuer agency for new FASTag to should show confirmation SMS for blocking old FASTags after you pay some fees for new FASTags now received a new one.

Available on Apps

FASTag is available on play stor you can download MY FASTag App or visiting the official website  FASTag or call to national highway helpline number 1033.


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