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Directory submission sites : Before following any online promotional methods, it is important to know the actual benefits you will get using that specific method. Among the many off-page factors, directory submission is the most important ones that help improve your website ranking on the web. You should not blindly submit your website to directories before you really know what it is, how it is done, and why it is necessary. This post is about directory submission which will help you better understand all its aspects for better site optimization overall and this post also gives you the complete directory submission site list.

How and how to do a directory submission on a directory submission site?

Being the primary aspect of off-page search engine optimization, directory submission is a process that involves the submission of a website link or URL, including all website details, to a web directory under a particular category.

With directory submission, you can increase link building results to see improvement in overall SEO of a website. how? Your website is submitted to another website through these directories. To give you a clear idea about the concept of directory submission, we have an example. If you have a blog that has technical content, then you will present it on a science and technology directory that gets backlinks for high-ranking A great way to do it. Websites. In simple words, web directories are almost similar to phone directories.

There are mainly three types of directory submissions, including basic directory submission, normal directory submission, and multiple directory submission.

  • Basic directory submission: In this single URL, a single description, and multiple titles are presented in different categories.
  • Manual directory submission: Many titles are used for this and multiple descriptions for a URL.
  • Multiple Directory Submissions: Here multiple internal URLs (8–10 suggested) of the same site with multiple titles and descriptions are submitted.

How to do directory submission on directory submission sites?

We guide you on how you can submit your website link to any directory and increase site ranking on search engines. You just have to follow the instructions below to get started.

  • First of all, select from the list of websites that present the best directory.
  • Choose the website where you want to enter your site or blog such as Entireweb Directory,, and many more.
  • Once done with it, select the category that appropriately goes with your blog. For example, if you have a website that shares business-related content then the Business and Economy category is appropriate.
  • After category choice, press submit link button and your blog is submitted to directory
  • done? No, after clicking on the submit option, several options will appear on the screen to narrow down your selection. For example: If it is a commercial blog then go for the business subcategory.
  • Finally, hit the add article button. Now put in the URL, description, title, and description like it’s done!

What are the benefits of submitting directories with our directory submission sites?

There are several reasons why you should submit your site to a web directory and we have discussed them below. Do not forget to go through them:

  1. You can get high quality backlinks for your website. Submitting your website to a directory will help with link building that will help search engines consider first-page rankings from thousands of blogs on your website or blog.
  2. Want to get an excellent site exposure? Then submit your site to the top directories because they attract a large number of visitors every day, every hour. This will help you reach your target audience.
  3. When you make a directory submission of your site, your site is permanently listed in other sites that guarantee outstanding search engine indexing.

Findings of directory submission sites list

To give you a conclusion on how to present a web directory, it acts as an assistant which helps you to gain visibility on the web. Doing anything can backfire, so avoid submitting your site to too many directories. However, for better SEO results choose some of the best directories.

Directory Submission Sites List



Quick Tips

When submitting your site to some of the sites mentioned above, do not prefer to submit your website to someone who may harm your website’s SEO and unnecessarily passing the link juice to your website. You are able to easily find a ton of free directory submission sites.

Directories are a type of website used for their information and store companies. It is the practice of linking the site to say. From the title, you can find any number in the phone directory. Just like this, you can locate any business about data and business.

It is one of the search engine optimization methods. You want to choose the directory to present the details like your site description, link and your site name. Your domain authority can help you keep doing this to get more visitors and growth.

Your domain also increases in search results. Directory submission improves search engine rank and helps in creating more traffic circulation.

What are the advantages of directory submission in SEO?

Directory submission is among the SEO strategies that are used the most. Here are some benefits of directory submission

  • For better search engine ranking: By listing your site in the top directories, your website will get the required exposure online. Directory submission is a great way to increase search engine rankings and build links. However, wholesale SEO experts claim that sites offering free directories have no benefit in relation to getting better SEO results, but they are worth giving it a try.
  • Boost Link Popularity: One of the major benefits of directory submission is that they will get high-quality backlinks. Search engines consider the number of backlinks you have received, and directory submission will provide backlinks to your website. This is the more comfortable method. Free directory submission sites give you an edge in link diversity or SEO. Be sure to choose on the ideal DA websites, or you can hire people to do it!
  • When you submit your site to directories, it is about to be indexed in search engines. Search engines search your website after traffic to other sites.
  • Generate more traffic to your site: If you have used the right keywords for your entries, your directory listing will get listed in the search engine listings. If your site does not have top rankings in search engines, it will send you targeted visitors to your site.

Directory submission type

To build backlinks, directory submission is an effective strategy. But do you know that there are so many types of directory submissions? There are 8 types of submissions here.

Free Directory Submission: This directory is free to render, but there is no guarantee for your connection to be approved by the administrator, and it will take a lot of time.

Reciprocal regular directory listing. When the directory connection is activated by you, you want to submit a link. Your link will then be approved by the directory administrator. You will receive backlinks. Some websites offer this package for lifetime or yearly.

Automatic directory submission: You can use tools and software to render directories. However, manipulative efforts for rank do not encourage. In directory submissions, if you think about submitting your website?

Dofollow Directory Submission: If you are a blogger who wants to maximize your blog ranking, the dofollow directory enables you to search the SERP. Dofollow backlink helps in achieving high rankings. Traffic volume. Each market directory is dedicated to a particular subject, recorded as a category under a directory.

The higher the hyperlink the frequency of your site, the higher the online ranking and visibility. As your site’s rank increases, your page is seen by the search engines and it trusts.

Top 5 things to consider when submitting a directory

When submitting your site to directories, you have to follow several guidelines. Here are some tips and recommendations that you can follow while presenting the directory.

  • If the directory itself is not indexed, there is no point in it being listed. Therefore, make sure that the directories are indexed and cached by major search engines like Google, Bing etc.
  • Target different words like your brand name, main keyword, exact match domain name, related keywords, synonyms of the main keyword, long-tailed keywords in the title and description, etc.
  • Submit manually to each directory or use the services of a manual directory submission service provider. Never use an automated submission tool that makes 1000 submissions a minute.
  • Not entirely dependent on directory submissions. Use other link building tactics such as guest blogging, infographics, social bookmarking etc. with directory submission.
  • Offer a variety of directories such as general, niche, regional, country-specific, industry-specific, premium directories, etc.

Do’s and Don’ts of Directory Submission Sites

When submitting your site to directories, make sure you follow these:

Do directory submission sites:

Here are some free directory submission sites. So you can follow them while submitting your site or blog to these free directory submission sites.

  • Check whether the directory is indexed by the top most search engines. If it is not cached by the search engine, then there is no point in submitting your link to it.
  • Submit to popular directories because it brings traffic and also has that kind of backlinks that will really enhance the optimization process of your site.
  • Ensure that the directory in question provides a unique category structure that helps in better organization of information when you submit your site into categories. This will help you to locate relevant information in quick time.
  • Check outbound links on category link pages. So that it can give you a good idea of ​​how helpful such a submission will be for your site.
  • Make sure you check the domain authority of the web directory
  • Do a quick search in the directory to make sure your site is not already listed. This saves you time.
  • Before the submission process, read and follow the directory guidelines.
  • Web Directory has a huge array of topics to choose from. Identify the single best-in-class for your site. Submit a site in the most relevant category. If you submit in inappropriate or unrelated categories, your site will be rejected or removed.
  • Always keep quality in mind when building links. Instead of multiple non-quality links, a single quality link is preferable. Submitting sites to quality directories can improve a site’s ranking.
  • Include keywords that you are trying to target in your anchor text, but do not make them spam. Do not use the same description and anchor text for every link. Try changing it a bit and target different keywords.
  • Always use an appropriate title and description. The title should be your target keyword that appears in the anchor text. Create a description with all the main keywords on that page. But make sure you do not keep the content keyword in the description.
  • Links from high PR directories carry more weight. So, try to get quality links from high PR directories.
  • Never rely on automated tools and softwares. Always prioritize manual submission. If you want to submit websites to directories on a regular basis then you can use RoboForm which is an autofill password keeper which is encrypted. This is a serious problem.
  • Avoid paying for links and always aim for one-way links through directory submission.
  • Check the status of your acceptance on a regular basis and keep track of your submissions. There are lots of free directory submission sites that approve your site submission immediately and there are also sites or agencies that charge money to submit your sites to some of the top sites.
  • Document your work for future reference. This is important because you need to know if your SEO strategies are working well in your favor.

Directory Submitting Sites:

When submitting your site to the above mentioned free directory submission sites, avoid following things on everything.

  • A directory that uses the = rel = no follow ‘attribute for your link does not help your optimization campaign at all. Search engines will never actually follow a link to your site. Even redirects are not generally considered by search engines for backlinks.
  • Beware of link farms, bad neighborhoods, and free-for-all (FFA) link sites as it damages your site.
  • If a directory approves a site without manually reviewing it, do not submit those directories because it uses some automated script to do so.
  • Mirror sites have similar content, but completely different URLs. Therefore, do not accumulate mirror sites.
  • Do not submit URLs that contain the same content as other sites that you have listed in the directory.
  • Some directories do not accept sites you have submitted once a month. Some sites may accept this, but most directories display an error message, “The domain already exists in the directory”. If you are not listed, re-read your submission, drill down for a deeper, more relevant category and resubmit.
  • If the sites have overlapping and repetitive content, they are not helpful to users of the directory. Multiple submissions to related sites may result in the exclusion or removal of those or all affiliated sites.
  • Never make your submission and submit the same URL more than once. For example, sending to and is not a good practice.
  • If a site with an address redirects to another address, do not submit it.
  • If the site has incomplete and “under construction” notices or has broken graphics or links, do not submit such sites to a directory. Please wait until the site is complete before submitting.

Here are the most frequently asked questions that you may have related to directory submission sites in 2020 and beyond that they will provide you with an understanding of them.

Is directory submission still working in 2020?

Yes, directory submission is a great off-page SEO technique, in which it is very easy to get links without paying or waiting (such as guest posting to get hyperlinks). This is the best way to attract backlinks that increase traffic to your website by 2020 and beyond.

What is Business Directory Submission?

Company directory submission is only included in the company directories of your site’s address or URL such as Google, YP, Yelp, etc. This can help you increase your business performance. Some methods are given below.
If you are running a small company or eCommerce shop, we recommend that you submit your website as they can give you exposure as well as an increase in your search terms.

Does directory submission increase your site’s rank?

Speaking of, blog directories can help you, but certainly if you want to get a first page ranking on Google for the majority of 38, they won’t be helpful.
We recommend you to use all sorts of link building tactics to rely on infographics, etc., skyscraper technique outreach, guest posting, and not just a search engine optimization technique such as website directory submission.

Is directory submission step-by-step?

Here are three easy steps to easily submit a directory.
Step 1: Choose any of the sites listed above on this page to offer a free directory. You can choose blog directories based on your preference such as
• No related blogs (site age)
• Alexa rank of the site
• Domain Authority (DA) of the site etc.
Step 2: Choose a relevant category for your entry. If you are doing everything possible, try selecting categories by selecting.
Step 3: After you search for the appropriate subcategory on the submission website, you will find “submit site,” such as “submit your website”, etc. buttons to submit your website.

Is there a free directory to be submitted online?

Yes, there are not many tools and platforms that allow you to submit automated directories online, but we recommend using them. The only reason is that these automated directories are filled with a few countless blog directory websites (including most of these spam websites), and they automatically post your website URLs on these websites.
So if you want to be protected from any Google penalties, it is always better to prevent directories that are automated and have entries you can choose from in the list.

Does company directory website articles affect SEO descriptions?

This is one of the main questions. Once you enter the URL of your site, the majority of blog directories such as business directory websites automatically retrieve your details (eg name, meta description).
But here’s one thing: Most directory sites don’t provide you with link-up links, so no hyperlink value is passed through them or creates an impact on your website ranking, which means you’re ready to go. Huh. Saying that, wherever 16, it is a good idea that you use content descriptions.
Although most SEO experts do not believe in offering free directories, I would say that it is a beautiful addition to sites that have recently been launched to gain some SEO or risk benefits.


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