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Do You Want to Start your own Blog? I really appreciate your decision! Blogging is a full time career now and thousands of bloggers around the world including


What are UTM Codes in Digital Marketing & How To Use It? (Free Template)

Do you know using UTM tags will make you a better digital marketer?If you do not understand about what UTM tags are, read on to learn more…The most important...

11 Actionable Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement and Drive Traffic to Your Website

Would you like to increase your Instagram engagement to increase traffic to your website? Or would you like to increase Instagram sales?Regardless of the reason you use Instagram, you...

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Difference? Which Is Better?

Unsure of the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org (self-hosted WordPress)?When someone says “WordPress”, it can mean two different things, which is naturally pretty confusing. It can mean WordPress.com, which...

How To Use Bing WordPress Plugin For Instant Indexation on Bing Search

According to Statcounter, Bing search has a market share of 2.75%, which seems minuscule when we compare it with Google which has a market share of 91%.However, as a...

How Foreign Affiliate Marketing Income Is Taxed in India?

Are you an Affiliate marketer earning affiliate income from outside India?Are you aware of how your affiliate income is taxed in the foreign country and India?How to safeguard yourself...

Amazon KDP Royalty Income Taxability

Are you aware of how your income from Amazon KDP is taxed in the USA and India?Do you know what you should do to follow the tax laws of...

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