Affiliate Marketing: Complete Guide for Bloggers

What is Affiliate Marketing

Many people want to make money while they sleep.

Everyone has the biggest dream that when they wake up one morning, open the laptop and see money in your account.

This is amazing?

As a blogger to make a passive income through online or affiliate marketing is the popular method to earn money.

Have we done my work well forgive the guide has everything you need to know what affiliate is marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of marketing process in which you can earn some commission for the sale of products or services from another person or company.

In other words, you have to find the product or service for promoting the purpose and whenever buys from anyone your commission is generated by the company that company products you decided to promote.

This task as similar to just a link that buys products and services directly from the company or owner of the products.

For this way company must pay the affiliate a percentage of commission for sale which mean profits depend on a number of sale of products and services.

Definitely, the company gains more because affiliate marketing is helping them to reach more customers for buying products.

You can earn a commission by promoting company membership or subscription type programs

In affiliate marketing two different main parties

  • A Manufacture or owner of the product
  • A seller or an affiliate marketer

However, Successful affiliate marketing has three parties as below:



A merchant is also known as seller, advertiser, vendor or retailer. The manufacturer produces products after the affiliate marketing program this sends to its vendor or merchant. 


Another name is publisher, partner or associate; an affiliate can also be an entire company or a single individual person. Affiliate can generate thousands of dollars per month or one of the millions in commissions.

An affiliate is marketing to promoting one or several products. This company has to attract buyers and convinces them to purchase the products.



This is an important party for the entire affiliate system to go around it. Without sales, no revenue generate or commission to give out. All company is making products or service to consuming process for its consumers.

The affiliate marketing will make extra efforts on using any digital marketing, social networking sites, blogs or email marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First off, you have chosen a product or company you will interest to promote.

When you choose a product or service you know is relevant to your blog’s niche or audience will find some use from it.

After you sign up affiliate program who offers to a partner with the merchant. This will gives you an affiliate platform.

Next to joining an affiliate program, you will receive a unique affiliate identification code that is used to affiliate links in your post on your site to promote products or services.

Several ways you can promote the products like in the article, product review, banner ads or sending email newsletters. Merchant can track all traffic with your unique affiliate identification code directly on your website.

When your website user buys a product or any service you earn some commission. The merchant sends your payment when the earning is reach the set threshold and payment issue time in a week or month or 60 days.

Avenues Through Which You Can Make Money

 Many of the method you make money through affiliate marketing that is discussed as below:-

  • Pay per sale

This is common for affiliate programs. When a consumer buys a product or service, the merchant pays the affiliate. That affiliate has a specified percentage of the sale price of the product.

In this affiliate program, you should make aware that a consumer to purchase a product before you can earn a commission.

  • Pay per lead

When you can convince the consumer for visiting the merchant website for signing up ( free version), and downloading files, contact with the merchant or subscribe to a newsletter all this action is count as a Pay per lead.

  • Pay per click

Its heading is clear own mean that is a customer clicks on the merchant’s website. Your activity is ensuring that you move the consumer to the merchant website. If your web traffic is high then your payout is also high.

Pay per click affiliate gets a commission when a consumer clicks on banner ads or any links in which promote the products or services for merchants.

More Important Terms in Affiliate Marketing Programs

You won’t know the important terms into affiliate marketing we explained a few terms as below:

Affiliate Link

This is a unique link which has every affiliate gives by the merchant. This specific link is to redirect the customers to the merchant website. A merchant is tracked activity from your site through this unique link and determining your payout.

Affiliate Manager

All affiliate programs are managed by the affiliate manager on behalf of the merchant. How to increase the sale of products through advertisement, promotion method this kind of task is done by the affiliate manager.


The commission is paid to affiliate when they have done the sale. The commission on paid to affiliate as per sale. Amazon provides the latest commission rate to affiliate associates.


The cloaking refers to hiding your tracking code which is generated an affiliate link. More useful if your affiliate link or URL looks like short with using some URL shorter tools or plug-in is reduce the customer’s thinks is a span link.

Landing Page

Generating leads or sale using of Webpage. A landing page is the first page of the website where the visitors land on when they come to your website.


When the visitor is coming on your website show the ads impression on a page.

SEO (Search Engin Optimization )

Every website needs SEO. Search engine optimization is an activity to improving a website or webpage for getting a higher ranking on Google search engines for particular content or topic.


Return on Investment (ROI ) is a percentage used to calculate the investment that was made is worth it or not.

ROI= (GP – Investment) / Investment*100

Custom Affiliate Income

When affiliate marketers are starting they received some income as per the general rate offered by the merchant. But once you bring a tone of sales on a regular basis many merchants will offer you as some customized payment rate.

Payment Mode

This is the payment method in which affiliate programs pay the affiliates. Under this most common mode is Wire Transfers, PayPal, Cheque, Pioneer, and Others

2-Tier Affiliate Marketing

Is the program you make money through your referral code or recommend others to join an affiliate program and they make a sale, you can earn some commission. They work also same as Multi-Level Marketing Programs.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

To know about the type of affiliate marketing is have three major categories Unattached, involved and related affiliate marketing. All of these full details as below

Unattached affiliate marketing

This means pay per click campaigns that no need any of your authority for the product you are promoting.

In fact, there is no further link between the customer and you and put you on an affiliate link before potential consumers.

Using Google ads and Facebook ads tools to achieve this. Affiliate links are shown on Facebook (Page, Groups, and Audience) and Google search engine to end-users they will click on the link and buy products so the commission is generated.

Related affiliate marketing

Under this affiliate marketing, you just need an online presence in which could be in blog, social media, videos or podcasts.

You should have affiliate links of products in your niche. These are products that have not been done before.

For example, you may be a blogger and your niche is in health and fitness, now you choose to promote health products like weight loss fast (Felt Belly).  

You can add affiliate links on your website that are relevant to your niche. This is the ensure that customer what they want on your post and if they find the same niche affiliate link is a powerful approach to earn income.

Put on the banner on your site heading or sidebar or text link below your blog post.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

In this, some affiliate is promoting only those products and service they already used is known as involved affiliate marketing. Such products affiliate gives they review after purchasing products and services they strongly recommend by affiliate to its consumers.

In the involved affiliate marketer write about the products in content, in short, say give reviews by the affiliate particular services or products.

For example, if you buy web hosting and you like so much, you can promote with confidence, and your consumer or visitors will find a reason to trust your products.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

If you go with related or involved affiliate marketing, you just create a blog. If you don’t know how to create a blog to though these links and create your first blog. Choosing a blogging platform is a great idea for affiliate marketing.

Note a few steps to follow and start affiliate marketing.

Step 1: Pick a niche

Do you choose what topic you like? Is there something to find yourself easily information and talking about like health, fitness or mobile technology?

We recommend your niche is a general topic. For this your attention you have to write good content. General topics are where you don’t heart any with your niche.

Choose a niche with your comfort level and write content without too much fuss.

Step 2: Find relevant products

Find affiliate products in affiliate marketplaces. You should find under your niche on affiliate sites, find several products on offer.

You can put images on products in blogs in your niche for what kind of products you are promoting and how.

Pick several products from different merchants to ensure expand your portfolio and increase income. When you select one product for promotion means the income source is also equal to one income.

If you can make money through affiliate marketing, increase your limit for promotion products if the volume of your product is less you gain less income.

Those products much easier to convince people to buy, you already using it. Share your experience of how useful they are.

Step 3: Create the Right Content

Content is King if you are blogger know that content is a very important part of the blog.

Remember your content can attract the visitor for reading articles with full presence, you sharpen writing skills and sales steps to confirm to purchase done by the consumer.

You can right content to your target audience too. In this way someone looking for a buy a hosting plan then you will show some free domain registration, free SSL certificate that kind of products means you sure that visitor can buy anything.

Step 4: Promote

We have talked about the content now you need to promote the content in all around the world.

Remember that you have to recommend the opposed products also asking people to buy the product. This may help to keep your audience coming back for more time.

Blogs and websites are the common methods for using affiliate marketing, but some other ways also available for doing this work.

No Website? No Problem!

You can do affiliate marketing without a website. Do you want to know more options?

See in the below:

YouTube videos

If you use YouTube, then sometimes seen unboxing videos. Think about what kind of this is and how they promote it.

Gives some review about the product and show the product to your audience.

For example would be Gaurav Chaudhary’s YouTube ChannelTechnical Guruji after a quick unboxing and reviews of the product-related gadgets, mobile, technology he’s trying to promote affiliate link into video descriptions

Live webinars

Webinars is a live video streaming. Your audience asks some questions and gets to interact with you in live video or real-time, and this way a consumer gain some additional experience for some consumers.

Mr.Daryll Rosser of Lion Zeal does use webinars all the time and promotes products on his site. You can find him from time to time mention Ahrefs, that product affiliate product they promote it.

Banner Ads

The most common way for affiliate marketing is banner ads. Ads are a good source of income in affiliate marketing.

You have to choose a website with high traffic then you will increase the chances of your banner getting an audience. In this, you don’t need any SEO, content or blog post or any video required.

To find kind of websites that are related to the product which you are promoting and receive many visitors.

BuySellAds this website are offers this service, and their rate is $10 for every 1000 impressions. That is the reason why you choose a website with high traffic.

Spend money on these banner ads to make sure your amount gets to come back with interest and you start earning from the ads.

Social media

Many people are using the social media platform for affiliate marketing. This is a very popular tool for promoting products if you don’t have any website.

Social media mostly use it for interaction, promote the products using advertising to them. Many visitors respond to ads if done the right thing and the right place.

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Affiliate marketing is a trend for making money online but is not a real business you can engage in. It wants hard work, patience, determination, and open mint to make it work.

This is one of the ways where you can earn quite a lot without having to problem likely bad bosses and getting do some illegal activities

Many people become successful in affiliate marketing and that stories are to encourage to you keep going on and never give up.


  1. Affiliate marketing isn’t a new trend. It’s been around for years. In fact, Amazon Associates, which is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs, has been in use since 1996. However, with advances in technology like the rise of mobile devices, affiliate marketing is evolving extremely quickly.


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